From the We’re-Not-Sure-How-But-It-Works Department, scientists have found that Botox injections not only reduce skin wrinkling by paralyzing muscles, but it also seems to increase production of collagen and elastin, which prevent facial sagging.

"We found if we treat people with Botox using standard techniques, we see an increase in elasticity, which is what you'd see in people with more youthful skin," said lead author Dr. James Bonaparte, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada. "We're actually seeing evidence that we, for some reason, are getting more elastin and collagen in the skin."

Whether this is because relaxing muscles gives skin some ‘time off’ to detoxify, or the lack of motion itself is encouraging the youth-promoting compounds to stay put, doctors are not sure. What they are sure of, though, is that this additional Botox benefit will convince even more patients to go under the needle. Have you tried Botox? Do you think it provides these benefits? Let us know your experience in the comments below.



HealthDay: Does Botox Actually Rejuvenate Skin?