Before attempting yet another diet, we suggest taking note of these pointers from Amelia Freer, author of ‘Eat Nourish Glow.’ Her perspective on weight loss and maintenance is to ‘detox’ your kitchen first, limiting your pantry and fridge to foods that only ‘nourish and protect’ the body while eliminating anything you wouldn’t—or know you shouldn’t eat (as she puts it, ‘Why would we give our children food we wouldn’t eat ourselves?’).

Freer also subscribes to the belief that rather than deprive ourselves of certain foods, it’s better to opt for healthier alternatives. If pizza is your vice, we recommend making Freer’s recipe that uses a cauliflower crust and roasted vegetable topping. For pasta, try spiralizing vegetables in lieu of noodles and trade the soda for sparkling water infused with fresh fruit. Do you have any favorite ‘clean eating’ ideas or recipes?



The Guardian: Don't diet, detox your fridge