Oh beautiful summer.

How your season brings joy to life as the birds tweet in luscious green leaves. Plants show off vivacious flowers, ranging from crisp yellows and scented reds to dazzling blues and moist purples. Bees buzz collecting pollen, scratching their legs against anthers, and insects bask in the warm, yellow sun. Its brightness intensifies the natural hues of Mother Nature and you find yourself lost in the beauty of it all.

Oh the warm sun.

It shines so bright and burns like an eternal fire, letting you bathe in its glory, until you have the worst kind of sunburn known to man. Now you can’t sit, stand, sleep or live. The slightest touch from your significant other feels like someone ignited a blowtorch on your skin. Bet you wish you lived in a vacuum devoid of any particles.

But even worse than sunburn, the sun can seriously fast track your aging. It’s such a bitter sweet ball of atomic energy. As such, all who worship it at beaches, parks and forests should fear and respect it this coming summer.

According to a study published in the journal titled Clinical, the number one reason for aging is the sun. UV exposure is so serious that it can increase with age. In fact, the slightest rise in sun damage percentage – let’s say 82% from 80% – can make you look three years older than you are.

So with summer coming along, it’s time we talk about the best ways to enjoy the season and still look young.

Drink plenty of fluids

Your skin needs nourishment, and the first source is fluids. Whether you’re outdoors or inside, you should drink plenty of fluids and try stay hydrated. Sweating too much and not staying hydrated can lead to skin drying from the inside out, which can make it more susceptible to sun damage.

Swim less in chlorine

We know. It’s hot and you want to move into your pool, but that’s not the best idea. In fact, chlorine can strip the skin of its natural oils. As a result, it begins to dry out. Again, when skin dries it becomes weaker. If you’re a fan of swimming, either do it in moderation or always moisturise when you exit the pool.

Try not touching your face too much

If you have oily skin, summer might make it worse. This may make you want to regularly wipe it off, but this can also dry your skin.

What’s more, that sweat dripping off your face might be embarrassing, but wiping it off too much also strips the face of those oils, leaving it bare and unprotected. When you step out, always wear sunscreen. When you wipe sweat off your face, pat it gently so that you don’t clean off the oils you need for your skin to stay hydrated?

What’s more the very act of sweating also washes away those oils, so if you sweat a lot, always moisturise.

Keep sun tanning to a minimal

You want to achieve that crisp bronze finish. It looks beautiful, but too much sun isn’t a good idea. Apart from increasing your chances of getting skin cancer, you’re also drying out your skin to the point where it can crack.

Avoid over-exposure to air-conditioning

You’d think air-conditioning would be good for you because it keeps you cool, but that’s a big nope. It too can dry your skin significantly. Worse of all, you barely notice and feel comfortable when you step out into the sun.

Eat fruits and vegetables

What you eat can impact the quality of your skin. That’s why you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which have natural protective anti-oxidants. These can increase your skin's resilience against sun damage significantly.


Our skin accumulates dead skin cells over time, which need to be exfoliated. The importance of exfoliating is not only so that you get rid of dead skin, but also so that your skin absorbs moisturiser more readily.