Need to let out a scream or two with that ‘om’? Welcome to ‘Metal Yoga,’ which trades the shanti chants for the guttural growls of a heavy metal guitarist. According to ‘The Guardian,’ pairing yoga class with a heavy metal playlist is rising in popularity among yoga enthusiasts who need a place to release anger or stress.

Let’s face it an ambient waterfall soundtrack sometimes doesn’t cut it. One particular class typically starts off with screaming and hitting the floor with your fists followed by forming a circle pit and closing class with a collective howl in lieu of the ‘om.’ While death metal might not be everyone’s yoga style of choice, if it inspires more people to start a regular practice, we’re all for it and suggest trying it if it appeals to you.

Yoga is great way to not only receive stress, but also improve your overall strength, balance and flexibility. Have you ever tried this ‘Metal Yoga’ or another yoga spin-off? Share your experiences in the comments!



The Guardian: Downward facing doom: when yoga meets heavy metal