When many of us hear the words ‘exercise addiction,’ we think of women—whose body image may be out-of-sync—on an unhealthy quest for perfection. But a new interview with rap artist Eminem has put a different spin on the issue, shedding light on another population whose exercise habits can spiral out-of-control: addicts in treatment. Once Eminem gave up Vicodin and Valium after an overdose in 2007, he was craving the elation and relaxation brought by prescription drugs, so he found it somewhere else: running. However, Eminem grew ‘addicted’ to the healthy behavior and dropped down to 149 pounds while also becoming obsessed about calorie consumption. He knew he had to stop when he was running 17 miles per day on the treadmill (a switch to exercise DVD’s helped him find a happy medium). Recovery experts say there’s a clear-cut way to find out if you’re addicted to exercise or just getting into the personal-best groove. You have to ask yourself ‘how is your workout affecting your life?’ If you put exercise before everything else (including work and family) or if you no longer enjoy exercising but do it compulsively anyway, it might be time to consult a psychologist. Have you or anyone you know had trouble controlling your exercise behavior? Share your experiences in the comments.