It’s crazy to think that Serena Williams—winner of 21 grand slams, including her recently acquired sixth Wimbledon title—would have issues with body confidence. Yet Williams has said that accepting her muscular physique took years, and she continues to cover her arms in public to keep people from recognizing her. Williams isn’t alone. Trying to balance a desire to build strength while maintaining ‘femininity,’ is becoming a common trend in the women’s tennis circle, with players like Andrea Petkovic saying she ‘loathes’ pictures of her bulging muscles and Maria Sharapova admitting she wishes she was ‘skinnier with less cellulite.’ Being in the ‘strong is the new skinny’ camp, these athletes should be able to focus more on their serve speed over the size of their tennis skirts and quash any questions from the media asking them to comment on their bodies. What do you think of these athletes’ admittance to their body issues? Refreshingly honest? Or negatively influential, particularly for young women? Give us your take in the comments!