Injectables: On top of ‘reversing’ the age of your skin, they’re now also aiming to change its color. Turns out needles filled with ‘skin-lightening’ agents such as vitamin C and glutathione—once found only in third-world countries with questionable regulating agencies—are becoming popular enough in the United States that the FDA has issued a statement warning consumers against them. Some ‘natural’ health clinics, day spas and even online stores are offering these injectable treatments along with lofty promises, but pharmacists say these formulas will not deliver results and can seriously harm the health of those who try them. In fact, there’s no totally safe way to lighten skin tone (even topical products pose risks of cancer and sun sensitivity), so experts say you’re better off working on your self-esteem than the shade of your complexion. Have you ever tried a skin-lightening product or a dicey injectable treatment? What were the results? Share your stories in the comments.