By now you’ve probably heard about ‘female Viagra,’ a drug marketed as Addyi that was recently FDA-approved to boost women’s libido. The drug, which will be widely available in October, will come with a black-box warning against mixing it with alcohol because trials showed it intensified the effects of booze, causing extremely low blood pressure. But many doctors have responded to the warning with incredulity, as they’ve found Addyi’s alcohol trials were performed on men—not women, the actual would-be users of the drug. The drug company insists their motivations were practical, not nefarious: It’s easier to test drugs on men than women for a number of reasons (namely, men’s willingness to drink large amounts of alcohol in the morning). This study highlights a strange inequity in the way pharmaceutical trials are administered: Why would anyone think it’s OK to test a drug made specifically for women on men? That’s a bigger issue that will hopefully get some time in the spotlight with the release of Addyi and its challenged studies. In the meantime, if you do try a prescription for Addyi in October, be sure not to pair it with alcohol. Does this revelation make you skeptical about using Addyi? Would you try it anyway as long as you steer clear of adult beverages? Let us know in the comments.