While we’re all for exercise, being able to say we ‘love it’ (particularly when heading to the gym at the crack of dawn) isn’t an admission we can always make. But there may be a way to rev up our motivation. Researchers claim they’ve devised a strategy that not only increases endurance and speed but also has been proven to make exercise more enjoyable.

The secret lies in three numbers: 10-20-30. For the first 30 seconds, do a cardio exercise (such as running, cycling or rowing) at a relaxed pace. For the next 20 seconds, increase the intensity to a moderately hard pace and then end with 10 seconds at full speed. Do five intervals, rest for two minutes and then do five more intervals for a total of 12 minutes.

The results of the study show that runners who had kept up the training shaved n average of 38 seconds off their 5k run time but there was a higher social interaction between people in running clubs because the workout kept the slower runners close to the faster runners.

If your exercise motivation needs a reboot, we suggest giving the 10-20-30 workout a try. You don’t necessarily need a watch and you could even try doing it with your dog. What other exercise ‘formulas’ have re-energized your fitness regimen?



The New York Times: A Way to Get Fit and Also Have Fun