There’s a new and kitschy H2O in town, called…FATwater?

About a year ago Bulletproof Coffee became all the rage with health nuts, athletes, executives and celebrities like Shailene Woodley jumping on the caffeine-, butter- and oil-infused beverage bandwagon, which was created by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey. The venture became so successful that Bulletproof is opening their own coffee shop this summer in Santa Monica, Calif. And just this week they announced the launch of their new, hydrating and very ironically named product.


A patented fusion of “pure water and Bulletproof XCT Oil,” FATwater—which in no way will cause you to pack on the pounds—is available unflavored or with berry, orange or lemon essence. The caffeine-free beverage contains no artificial sweeteners, is vegan, gluten-free and contains only 20 calories and two grams of fat per 16-ounce serving.

For those of you unfamiliar with XCT oil, it is the most valuable medium chain triglyceride fat (MCT) found in coconut oil, the same “Brain Octane Fuel” ingredient used in Bulletproof Coffee. According to Asprey: “FATwater leverages the power of fat from coconuts to drive hydration in a new way and disrupt an industry addicted to sugary drinks. When you take control of your hydration, you perform better.”

FATwater bottles will be available at Erewhon Markets as well as the Bulletproof Coffee Café and 12-packs of 10ml concentrate online on the Bulletproof website.