We all know eating healthy is important at any age, but there may be certain foods that are especially beneficial to consume as we get older. According to a study based on 24 years of diet data from 121,000 U.S. health professionals, experts found that counting calories wasn’t enough to fend off the weight gain that tends to happen with age. Instead, counting calories may cause people to think processed meat or refined carbs are the better choice over a higher calorie food like nuts or fatty fish. It’s not that calories don’t count, but rather the quality of fat and protein as well as the “glycemic load” does. So which foods should we be reaching for as we approach those golden years? People who ate a diet rich in nuts, peanut butter, fish, yogurt, eggs, low-fat or even full-fat cheese and milk were able to keep weight gain at bay. Meanwhile, white bread, potatoes, white rice, sugary drinks and other high glycemic foods were the biggest culprits of weight gain. Does it surprise you that keeping off weight with age doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be stricter with calorie intake? In what other ways do you maintain your goal weight from year to year? Let us know in the comments.