With summer (and the subsequent beach trips) fast approaching, it’s fair to say we’ve got fitness on the brain. More specifically, we’re on the lookout for exercises that will target areas we’re going to be baring more of—ones that produce sculpted arms, chiseled legs, and—while we’re asking for it— some solid abs as well. So when Halle Berry’s and Lady Gaga’s trainer offers to share a few tips for how to get ‘summer ready,’ we’re all ears. For those sculpted arms, he recommends lying on your stomach and then pressing up as high as you can. Lower two-thirds of the way down and then press back up. For a toned derriere, single-leg hip thrusts should do the trick. And for abs, a good ‘ole plank is key. What are some of your favorite exercises to get 'summer ready’? Share them with us in the comments!


ABC News: 4 Celebrity Workout Moves for Summer