Remember when Lindsay Lohan's alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet went off, just because she drank Kombucha tea? Although traditional recipes for Kombucha produce a fermented brew with a relatively low alcohol content, manufacturers are now embracing the more spirited side of the health-food-store staple, in the hopes of offering the yoga-and-SoulCycle set a guilt-free bar order.

One particular new beverage in the market place today is called Kombrewcha, a carbonated tea-beer brewed with agave sweetener that went on sale in Connecticut and New York last year. Kombrewcha, which is advertised for containing only 65 calories is made without malt or barley and is gluten-free. The drink is fermented longer than traditional Kombucha and contains 2 percent alcohol by volume, which is about 3 percent less than your typical beer.

Even beer behemoths are attempting to cater to healthier individuals. Heineken devloped Amstel Radler, which is 40 percent beer and 60 percent natural lemon juice. The drink, which sells doe $8.99 and up in the United States, has 2 percent alcohol and 145 calories per bottle. Heineken began selling the Amstel Radler in Europe in 2009 and is currently the company’s top product in global growth, a spokeswoman for the company.

Anheuser-Busch has also developed a gluten-free beer with 4 percent alcohol by volume And MillerCoors unveiled a gluten-free Coors Peak Copper Lager that would replace barley with brown rice and get its protein from peas. It will have 4.7 percent alcohol.

What do you think about healthier alcohol options? If you have tried one, what are your thoughts?



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