Visualize the smell of toasty buttered popcorn or gooey chocolate chip cookies. Do you suddenly have a craving? Researchers have discovered that people’s abilities to imagine food aromas may be linked to weight gain thanks to those illusory smells. By visualizing food smells, it can trigger cravings for some. Yet imagining smells doesn’t come easily for everyone. Results of the study show that those who could envision smells better also had a higher body mass index (or BMI—the measurement of body fat as compared to your height and weight). Even if you have an uncanny aroma imagination, there are ways to beat cravings. We suggest keeping small protein-packed snacks handy (such as nuts) to level your blood sugar or perhaps give into the craving in moderation (like opting for a kids’ size popcorn at the movies over an adult portion). Do you think there’s some truth to this imagined smell/weight gain connection? How do you fight cravings? Sound off in the comments!