What's her secret?

Supermodel, actress, philanthropist, businesswoman, author and mom—Patricia Velasquez couldn’t possibly lead a busier life. And yet, at 43, she’s as stunning and radiant-looking as she was in her twenties when she was walking the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York for the likes of Chanel, Carolina Herrera, and Isaac Mizrahi, and appearing on the covers of magazines world wide.

What’s her secret to being gorgeous over 40? The Venezuelan beauty says it’s as much mental as it is physical.

“At this point in our lives, over 40, you think a lot about what you’ve accomplished,” says Velasquez. “Most times, you think ‘I haven’t done enough’ or ‘I’m not happy enough.’ When I get like that, I take one small action—like eating healthier, creating a routine. And that action, doing something good for my body, affects my self-esteem. It makes me feel better about myself, more confident and less negative.”

But a healthy regime doesn’t look like it did in her modeling days. In Velasquez’s book, Straight Walk, she talks about eating only tomatoes and chicken for weeks to get thin for runway season. “I don’t do any of that anymore,” she says. “That’s extreme and it’s torture.


When Velasquez wants to get healthier or lose a few pounds, she still drinks her red wine, has pasta once a week, and one day a week she eats whatever she likesshe just restricts the amount of all the good stuff. On the other days, she eats lots of veggies and protein.

“You see the results when you are conscious about what you’re eating, but just slower. When you do something quickly, it goes away quickly. I don’t believe the body needs to be shaken with detoxes.  When you do something slowly, the body is happy, and it reacts nicely.”


As for fitness, she sticks to hot yoga one-hour, three days a week.  “We’re ultra busy after 40. I do the hot yoga classes and in one hour I get meditation, spa and sport all in that one hour.”


Almost weekly, Velasquez is on and off of airplanes, flying all over the world for her hair care company. To compensate, she doesn’t just drink water to hydrate. “Our body is made up of so much water, we need to drink it, we all know that, but we need water from the outside too.  We need to take our bodies to water,” she says. She visits a steam room weekly. “I pour water over myself the entire time I’m in there. We have to surround ourselves with water. When I do, my skin always looks better.”

Velasquez says when it comes to any beauty, diet or fitness regime anything in extreme doesn’t work. Instead, when we give our body what it likes, “it feels loved. It lets go of the weight and the anxiety when it feels taken care of.”


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