Getting a blotchy, itchy skin rash out of the blue is always a fun surprise (said no one ever), but at least now we know of a common perpetrator that might be to blame. According to one dermatologist, nickel is one of the most typical instigators of a skin rash known as allergic contact dermatitis.

The allergy can be caused by the nickel found in jewelry, medical implants, medications or even in our diet (some foods surprisingly high in nickel include nuts, seeds, chocolate, wheat and rye). "Although allergic reactions to dietary nickel are not as common as nickel allergies overall, people should be aware that the nickel in their food could cause a reaction," Dr. Jennifer Chen, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Stanford Hospital and Clinics.

An allergic reaction from nickel comes when an area of the skin comes into contact with an item such as a necklace, belt buckle, zipper, eyeglass frames or cellphone. If you develop a rash and can’t figure out the cause, see a dermatologist right away and take note of any possible nickel contact or ingestion.

Have you ever had a skin rash that was linked to a nickel allergy? How did you determine the cause?



HealthDay: Got a Rash? You Might Be Allergic to Nickel, Dermatologist Says