Finding time to exercise when you’re chauffeuring kids to soccer practice followed by clarinet lessons with a grocery-shopping trip in between can be downright laughable at times, which is probably why busy moms trying to shed weight often resort to a strict diet.


Thankfully, a new book called ‘The Trim Healthy Mama Plan’ says the first step in getting to your ideal weight is to stop being so exacting with calories. What makes the plan so effective is that it focuses on fueling the body every three to four hours, allowing yourself to eat any type of unprocessed food. The only rules: Don’t count calories and try to eliminate sugar (though, thankfully, chocolate is allowed).

Do you find it’s easier to lose weight when you’re not being so meticulous about food intake? And for busy moms especially, what weight-loss strategies have worked best for you?


Books for Better Living: The Trim Healthy Mama Plan: The Basics