Body hair has always been a contentious issue since the dawn of time. At some point in our history, it used to be that the hairier the sexier. At another point, we found silky smooth skin to be the way forward. Today, it’s all about preference. While science is beginning to suggest that we shouldn’t shave our lovely cabbage patches, shaving is the most widely accepted thing to do.

However, grooming the garden downstairs can be tricky. Even if you don’t shave, you still need to take care of your prized bush. Plenty can go wrong if you don’t tame it the right way, so here are a few things you shouldn't do while grooming down there.

Leave the DIY waxes and sprays alone

Hair removal may seem like a cinch, but in all honesty, a lot can go wrong especially when you take matters into your own hands. While some people recommend at-home waxes and sprays, the problem is that you’re using them on yourself so are unable to see the delicate details that go into the process because of your perspective. Not only does this put you at risk of removing more than just hair, it can give you a bad rash that will be hard to explain to friends. What’s more, hair removal creams can give you abscesses – ouch!

Disposable razors aren’t your friends

Disposable razors are certainly not a bush’s best friend, especially when it belongs to a woman. Most are not designed to gently slope over skin while shaving the hair, which can lead to cutting or irritation and ingrown hairs. They’re often not made with the same forethought as body-groomer shavers, and mostly recommended for shaving your legs. This because they’re either too sharp or too dull, both of which are seriously not desirable traits for your lady garden.

Don’t cut it all off

While you might not be going for a grove, you still want to keep some of that hair. Contrary to popular belief, having some carpet leftover is actually more hygienic than shaving it all off. This is because going bare can lead to cuts and scratches that you can’t see, but are big enough to let bacteria in. Often this bacteria is harmless, but you’re more susceptible to deadlier infections such as STIs.

Never use aftershave

Your wooded area isn’t the same as your beard. It sits atop very sensitive section of skin that can be set alight by the tiniest particle. So as much as you want to make the area smell great after a shave, adding alcoholic or any form of after shave, is a bad idea. For one, it burns and can also leave the skin feeling tender.  

Don’t tan before shaving or vice-versa

Anything that can make your skin more sensitive than it already is shouldn’t be done before or after waxing or shaving. So whether you enjoy tanning, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools or hot exercise rooms, avoid them just before or after you’ve mowed your delicate lawn.

Don’t go against the grain

Your pubic hair grows in a certain direction, and shaving against that direction can cause irritation. So when you’re taming the jungle, try going with the grain as this makes for a more comfortable shave.

At the end of the day, the decision to femscape or manscape is up to you. We just suggest you take your time and use the best body trimmer for your skin. If you’re too scared to do it yourself, leave it to the professionals. Mowing your patch might prove very disastrous if you’re nervous and have shaky hands.