Judging by the rom-coms we've seen of women post-breakups (typically binging on pints of ice cream as mascara streaks down their cheeks), it’s tempting to assume that the female gender is pretty hopeless when it comes to breakups. Not so, says science.

According to new research published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, a breakup may impact women harder at first, but they bounce back quicker than men. In fact, women often return to the dating scene ‘in many ways better than they were before,’ says Craig Morris, a study author and a research associate at Binghamton University in New York.

Meanwhile, though men may seem unfazed by a breakup, the emotional toll lingers longer for them. One reason why women may recover quicker? They seek social support to work through any unconstructive thoughts or feelings, as opposed to men who may go out with their friends but not actually go through the process of sharing their emotions with each other.

At the end, whether you're a man or woman and don’t have a strong social support, look into counseling to overcome any emotional anguish (remember, life is too short to brood over a breakup.) What are some ways you’ve overcome heartbreak?