Even though she's a very young mom—just 25—television star Hayden Panettiere is finding it hard to bounce back after having a baby.

“I’m limping around. I’m still trying to figure out what [pregnancy] has done to my body, how it’s changed it," Panettiere said to People magazine. "What’s temporary and what’s permanent. I feel like an 80-year-old woman trying to go down the stairs, you know, please tell me this is temporary."

As most of us know, she's not a alone in feeling this way. A new University of Chicago study found that, a year after giving birth, more than 70 percent of women weighed more than they did before they got pregnant. Maybe they forgot to put the baby down before stepping onto the scale?


ABC News: 'Nashville' Star Hayden Panettiere on How Her Body's Changed After Giving Birth