It can be miserable to have dry and cracked hands but sometimes where we live and the environment we live in can’t stop that from happening to ourselves (especially work). The National Eczema Association suggests a handful of ways for which you can prevent from getting hand eczema.

The first is use cotton glove liners and neoprene or vinyl gloves when working in a setting that involves your hands constantly getting wet. The National Eczema Association also you wash the gloves frequently.

If your hands get dry, cover them up with fabric or work gloves.

The National Eczema Association says people with dry hands should avoid using industrial hand cleansers and instead use their own “gentle hand cleanser,” and moisturizer. Industrial hand cleansers ay contain ingredients that can worsen the conditions of your hand if you have eczema.

The finals suggestions the organization offers are to make sure your entire work environment (surfaces, tools, clothes) is clean and you are treating any minor wounds on your hands.



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