By now, the health advantages of exercise are getting pretty darn hard to refute. In particular, the research that’s linking aerobic exercise to keeping your brain sharp continues to grow. But exactly how much exercise do we need, especially when it comes to our cognitive health? Researchers set out to answer that question and found that even a ‘small dose of exercise’ proved beneficial for the brain, which they estimate to be about 75 minutes a week or a little more than 10 minutes a day of brisk walking.

Of course, exercising more than 10 minutes a day certainly won’t hurt, say the researchers, and will likely reinforce other aspects of your health. Even if you can’t find time for a full workout, going for a 10-minute walk on your lunch break or after work sounds like it has its benefits. What are some ways you squeeze in exercise, even on the busiest of days? Tell us in the comment



The New York Times: The Right Dose of Exercise for the Aging Brain