'Dad Bod (n.): the physique of a man who isn’t necessarily overweight but tends to carry some extra padding around the middle.' While still a fairly new term to mainstream vernacular, new research is validating that ‘dad bod’ is, in fact, a real thing. According to a recent study, men gain an average of 3.5 to 4.5 pounds with the arrival of their first child. Researchers speculate the reason for this is due to children bringing about a change in lifestyle—namely, less sleep, less exercise and new eating habits. But ‘dad bod’ doesn’t have to be inevitable. A few ways to stay fit during fatherhood include keeping exercise part of your family’s routine with jogging strollers or baby carriers for hiking and walking. For all you dads out there, what are some ways you stay in shape despite the lack of sleep or less time to work out? Tell us in the comments!