'If you want to be slim, do what slim people do,' says Brian Wansink, the Cornell researcher who's built a career studying the way everyday habits affect our weight. Wansink says all it takes to slim down is to do one thing…hide your cereal.

Research shows that people who leave cereal out in front of them weigh about 20 pounds more than those who keep their cereal in the cupboard or just don’t buy any at all. Wansink also suggests that keeping your kitchen countertops free of clutter correlates with lower body weight.

Instead of having a bowl of cereal in eye view, keep out bowl of fruit. You’re more likely to reach for the fruit if it’s in front of you.  This all make perfect sense. I know, I know—it’s a bummer to keep Tony the Tiger hidden behind a cupboard but in the long run it could keep your body from the extra sugar and carbs it doesn’t need it. Trade cereal for oatmeal. It may be a hard adjustment but oatmeal is full of whole grains and as a breakfast item, in the words of our frosted corn-flake friend Tony, “They’re Grrreat.”



Science of Us: Hide Your Cereal, and More Secrets From Skinny People’s Kitchens