Vaccines have been all over the California news lately, with governor Jerry Brown making childhood vaccinations mandatory by eliminating religious and personal belief exemptions. Actor Jim Carrey, former partner of anti-vaccine crusader Jenny McCarthy, even called Brown a “corporate fascist” on Twitter. But vaccines have been on the British radar for a different reason: a mysterious link to sudden-onset narcolepsy. The Pandemrix vaccine, manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline and endorsed by the British government, triggered a rare autoimmune reaction in some people which led to the death of brain cells that regulate sleep and wakefulness. 80 people are petitioning for compensation for the disability that resulted from this neurological damage, and so far one boy has received a large settlement. Do you think this is an isolated incident, or evidence that we should be more careful when it comes to vaccinations? What do you think the government’s role should be in deciding who gets immunized? Sound off in the comments.