For actresses who moonlight as beauty-brand spokeswomen, maintaining flawless, wrinkle-free appearances is all part of the job description (and if a little Botox is required, so be it). Yet, even at 57, Andie MacDowell is unabashed in proving that it’s possible to maintain a youthful complexion au natural.

The actress and face of L’Oreal Paris for 30 years recently graced the cover of ‘Genlux’ magazine, opting to have the photo appear completely un-retouched to show her flaws.“I think it's nice to tell the public, you know, ‘Here's something that hasn't been retouched,’” MacDowell said to “Good Morning America.” “I have some flaws, like anybody.”

Even so, it can’t be denied MacDowell continues to defy her age year after year despite never having had plastic surgery.

Her secrets? Using coconut oil, homemade salt scrubs with essential oils and taking steam showers to keep her skin soft—all recommendations that sound simple enough to us! MacDowell, a mother of three, also fits one hour of exercise into her daily life, which includes hiking, going on an elliptical or doing yoga.

Do you appreciate hearing about celebrities who maintain their beauty in simple, natural ways? And what are some of your favorite ‘ageless’ beauty tips?



ABC News: Actress Andie MacDowell Shares Her Ageless Beauty Secrets