What do some of your favorite foods look like at 200 calories? Well a new app aims at showing what foods look like at a serving size of 200 calories. The app, called Calorific, presents pictures common foods to help eaters get a better idea of portion control.

"We saw some apps that showed how many calories are in a meal but we thought it would be useful to show the individual foods," said Nic Mulvaney, the British graphic designer who designed the app, to ABC News.

To determine the exact portion sizes, Mulvaney and a friend researched nutritional databases and studied the nutritional information on food packages. After going grocery shopping, the duo spent photographing 200-calorie portions of 140 commonly eaten foods.

Some of the photos show that eating three fourths of a hamburger without the bun will get you to 200 calories. However, you can eat two heads of lettuce or five lemons for the same amount of calories.

The Calorific app is available for free and it includes about 30 food images. To see the entire collection of images, it will cost you $2.99. Do you think this app will help you have a better idea of how much of a specific food item you should eat? Are there other ways to identify correct portions?



ABC News: New App Shows You What 200 Calories Looks Like