Pilates instructor Nonna Gleyzer shares her workout.

Gisele Bundchen may have been blessed with one of the most beautiful bodies in the world, but she still has to work hard to keep it that way. The leggy supermodel and wife of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has been training with master Pilates teacher Nonna Gleyzer since early 2012, and she is far from lazy when it comes time to hit her studio. 

“Training Gisele is like training a professional athlete,” says Gleyzer, whose clients have included Kerry Washington, Natalie Portman and Stacy Keibler. “She is incredibly focused and dedicated; she really knows her body and is very coordinated, so it’s easy to move her from one exercise to the next on the reformer. She likes to push herself and loves a good challenge.”

When the duo started working together, Gisele had just become pregnant with her second child, Vivian Lake, so their workouts were focused on keeping her core strong, always using a ball or foam to support her lower back. After taking a month off after giving birth, Gisele returned to Gleyzer’s studio where they worked on her abs using the ball and foam roller again, and then after a few weeks, they focused on obliques. She stresses that while Gisele was breastfeeding, they avoided overheating the body. 

“Models have to have great abs and a tiny waist, which is achieved from doing a lot of obliques,” says Gleyzer. She trains the bi-coastal model (Gisele spends football season in Boston) 3-4 times a week for 75-minute sessions when she is in Los Angeles. “They also need to do a lot of arm and legwork on the reformer, to keep their limbs strong and lean. Since Gisele spends so much time in high heels, strengthening the calves is important. We also do a lot of work with her feet and Achilles tendons, to keep them flexible.” 

Gleyzer, who holds a BA in Physiology and specializes in preventative injury, stresses that she avoids a lot of repetition in her workouts to avoid injury. “You don’t want to fatigue or exhaust the muscles, because it puts too much stress on your joints, ligaments and tendons and eventually that can result in an injury. The most I will do is 10-15, take a break and then repeat. I target the same group of muscles, but in different directions.” 

No matter how grueling the workouts, Gisele, who also manages to squeeze in yoga and SoulCycle classes when she’s not in the studio with Gleyzer, is always a dream to work with. “I’ve never heard Gisele complain. No matter how hard an exercise is, she does it. She’s no crybaby.” The model has even brought her handsome husband in for couple’s workouts. “I have trained Tom a few times with Gisele, and it’s so amazing to watch them train together, because they totally inspire each other. Training them is like training the same person. They both have an athletic mentality, are willing to work hard and are able to push each other.”

“Nonna is tough and she always pushes me to my limit,” Gisele says about her trainer. “She is fully committed to what she does. It’s hard work but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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