Mixed-martial-arts fighter Ronda Rousey is not afraid to admit her real weight in public (it’s 135 when she’s fighting; 150 when she’s not). But in a new interview, Rousey confesses that, despite being able to knock out her opponents in mere minutes, she has struggled with lifelong body-image issues, saying it has taken her a long time to develop a healthy relationship with food.

It’s a good thing Rousey’s gotten her inner critic under control, as reports say she is preparing to play herself on the big screen in an upcoming biopic where she’ll undoubtedly be forced to endure insane, Hollywood-level scrutiny. If you feel you struggle with your body image, Rousey presents a great way for how to overcome this personal challenge—improve your eating habits. Do you think most athletes suffer from body image issues like the rest of us? How do you make sure getting in fighting shape doesn’t get in the way of your self-esteem? 


ABC News: How Ronda Rousey Got Over Her Body Issues