Ever notice how stress can make our willpower disappear faster than the bag of chips that were just inhaled? It turns out that stress has a potent effect on manipulating our brains and sabotaging all efforts of self-control. Particularly in regards to eating, researchers have found that stress increases the reward of food—especially the satisfyingly unhealthy kind. They also found that stress impairs parts of the brain that encourage behaviors that support long-term goals. The best way to beat stress at its own sabotage game? Squeeze in a workout, even if it’s a short one. Research has shown that just 10 minutes of exercise releases GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter that helps maintain control of your impulses. Other stress-busting strategies include deep breathing, listening to soothing music or even just singing your favorite song. What are some ways you keep stress from infringing on your self-control? Sound off in the comments!