Getting the celebrity body of your dreams may not require extensive working out or plastic surgery. Jamie Sherrill, aka “Nurse Jamie,” has been injecting and zapping the “Who’s Who” of Hollywood (Maria Menounos, Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Love Hewitt, to name a few) at her Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica for more than 20 years. An expert when it comes to injectable fillers and lasers, this RN-to-the-stars reveals how to cheat your way to her clients’ most requested body features: Taylor Swift’s thigh gap and Madonna’s cut arms.

“Celebrity-inspired makeovers have become increasingly common,” Sherrill tells LivingHealthy. “Patients show me a photo of their favorite celebrity and ask me how to mimic this look.”

Without the help of a miracle, it can be difficult to attain Gisele’s abs or Beyoncé’s booty. However, some of the most requested looks can be realistically achieved with the help of lasers.

“Everyone wants thin and shapely thighs like Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne,” Sherrill says, “and we can get those thighs in shape with a double dose of powerful laser treatments.”

Treatments such as the i-Lipo, which she explains “breaks down fatty tissue in the thighs and whisks it away,” has been a go-to for celebs getting ready for the red carpet since it was introduced in the U.S. in 2012. The i-Lipo uses a low-level laser to stimulate the body’s breakdown of fat cells and deposits “smoothing cellulite, fat reduction and body shaping” (see Sources below). Results can be seen immediately after treatment, and with a full cycle of treatment (biweekly for 30 to 45 days), significant inches can be lost. This can last upward of 12 to 18 months with proper diet and exercise. According to Sherrill, i-Lipo has no known side effects.

Sherrill also suggests Thermage for “skin-tightening and firming effects.” Thermage is a radio-frequency laser that uses electromagnetic radiation to tighten the skin (see Sources below). While immediate improvements can be observed, full results are seen within two to six months and can last upward of 18 months. Redness, mild to moderate swelling, indentation in treatment area and bruising are possible side effects of Thermage.

Another treatment is Ulthera, an ultrasound therapy that uses microfocused ultrasonic waves to lift and tighten lax skin as well as smooth wrinkles (see Sources below). Full results are seen within two to three months, lasting 24 to 36 months. While skin may appear flushed directly after treatment, redness should disappear within a few hours; some patients experiencing temporary slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to the touch.

Sherrill assures us that the results for both Thermage and Ulthera are not only immediate, but also provide “long-term improvement to mimic the oh-so desired thigh look.” No Spanx required!

As for the Material Girl’s beyond-belief biceps, Sherrill shares that while a workout is required, there’s no fitness regimen for the skin when it sags. She suggests a session of Accent XL—a radio-frequency laser treatment that uses controlled heat therapy to smooth wrinkles and tighten skin on the face and body (see Sources below)—and voilà! “No need for the airbrush angel on those arms this season!” she says.

When considering the above treatments, keep the following in mind: First and foremost, do your homework and consult your doctor before starting any treatment. Also, these therapies range from $300 to $3,500, with prices specific to each patient, depending on the number of sessions. And even if these treatments are in your budget, always remember that you still need to build those muscles. If you really want Tay’s legs and Madge’s arms, you’re going to have to “Get Into the Groove” of using free weights and “Shake It Off” on the treadmill.


  1. i-Lipo
  2. Thermage
  3. Ulthera
  4. Accent XL