You know you need to protect your hair in summer when torturers such as sun, sand, wind, salt and chlorine lurk around every corner. But did you know that winter’s cold temperatures, static electricity and indoor heating can wreak just as much havoc on your locks? Here, we’ve compiled tips and treatments from some of the world’s most gorgeous manes to keep your hair shiny, moisturized and breakage-free all winter long. 

The Problem: Breakage

Those of us addicted to color and/or frequent post-workout washes are used to seeing stubby broken-off bits stuck to our shoulders. The key to preventing breakage, according to platinum blonde Soo Joo Park, global spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris and the face of Redken, is not a formula but a silk pillowcase (silk glides against hair instead of tugging on it). “It actually changed everything,” Park told The Cut

The Solution: Silk Pillowcase, Lova Silk, $37.95

The Problem: Weak and thin strands

Because Park processes her hair so frequently, she wants new growth to be as strong as possible. She swears by Viviscal, a hair-growth vitamin that’s been popular among models and actresses for decades (Gwyneth Paltrow once waxed poetic about it in Vogue, saying it was the secret to her “seventies babysitter hair"). Viviscal contains biotin, Vitamin C, iron and a proprietary complex called AminoMar, which contains shark. (Yes, you read that right: so beware, vegans and those with fish allergies.)

The Solution: Viviscal, $49.99 for a one-month supply

The Problem: Limp, frizzy curls

For women with curls, the only thing worse than high humidity is ultra-low humidity. While too much moisture can create out-of-control, Little Orphan Annie situations, too little can leave hair looking flat and tragic. Enter curl cream to plump up strands and retain just enough moisture to keep things bouncy. According to The Cut, Michelle Obama favors a product from label.m, which contains jojoba oil and is sulfate-free.

The Solution: label.m Curl Cream, $26.95

The Problem: Color vanishes in a wash

Although it can seem like the dull winter light is stealing your highlights’ glow, the real culprit may be the chlorine in your daily shower. Just like pool swimming can strip salon color in minutes, so can over-chlorinated water at home. To remove this color-killing mineral, spring for a shower filter, which should improve hair’s body, color retention and shine (Bonus: your skin will look and feel better, too).

The Solution: T3 Source Shower Filter, $130