Medical marijuana advocates can rattle off scores of reasons why it should be widely legalized, from pain relief to crime reduction. But this first-person story from a palliative-care (medical care for people with serious illnesses) doctor who spent a year researching and working in dispensaries offers a more nuanced argument for medical marijuana: it takes the patient’s well-being out of the hands of the doctor, and puts themselves in control of their own case. This sense of mastery can lead to a more optimistic outlook, better symptom management, and a sense of empowerment. He mentions, though, that some of what medical marijuana dispensaries offer has little to do with the drug itself. They foster a sense of community, offer hands-on time with medical pros other than doctors, and encourage consistency in treatment. If you think you should get to be in control of your own health check out the book project that came out of the research: ‘Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana,’ by David Casarett, MD.