When runners are aiming to cut time off their pace, it’s common to look to cross-training or nutrition. But here’s another area to pay attention to: your posture. Running in a "slumped" position constricts the ribcage and doesn’t enable the lungs to fully inflate, while well-oxygenated muscles allow the body to work at maximum efficiency. According to a physiotherapist, there are three things you can do to improve your posture which will improve your breathing while running: Improve your scapula stabiliser endurance, improve the flexibility of your spine and improve your core strength.

A few exercises that improve posture include bent over rows, gentle lumbar rotations, and mountain climbers. The important thing is to focus on breathing deeply from the lower part of your abdomen during these exercises.

For all you runners, do you notice a connection between posture and your running performance? What are some of your favorite supplemental exercises to improve your speed and endurance?



The Guardian: How Better Posture Improves Your Run