Even for those who jump on the healthy-living bandwagon later in life, it’s never too late to reap the benefits of nutrition. A new study found that within just two weeks of changing people’s diets, substantial transformations occurred in the lining of the colon and in its chemical and bacterial composition.

A study conducted by an international research team tested 20 African-American men and women as well as 20 black men and women living in rural Africa. All of the volunteers of the study had their diets and gut microbiomes analyzed by the research team while also undergoing a colonoscopy.

The results of the research showed that the American volunteers ate a traditional South African diet rich in fruit, vegetables, beans and plant foods for a two week period meanwhile, the Africans ate a Western diet which had two to three times more fat and protein content than their traditional diet.

The study’s participants who were switched to diets rich in fruits, vegetables, beans and plant-based foods had less inflammation in the colon in addition to more butyrate—a byproduct of fiber metabolism that can help prevent cancer. Meanwhile, those who switched to a high-fat, animal-protein diet had increased colon inflammation and a decrease in butyrate.

Does this study spark your determination to eat more fruits and veggies? Does it inspire you to share this info with resistant healthy eaters?



Tribune Content Agency: Study shows improved diet may boost health faster than ever imagined