For many government leaders, their first priorities when taking office may include contending with the national deficit or foreign policy. But for India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi, one of his main goals has been getting India’s citizens to practice Down Dog en masse. In fact, Modi—who took office last year—has commissioned a massive yoga class in honor of International Yoga Day this Sunday, which will involve a 35-minute session done by 35,000 government employees, students and citizens hoping to qualify for the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ as the largest yoga gathering in history. But Modi’s yoga initiative goes beyond breaking records. According to a sociology professor interviewed by ‘The New York Times,’ Modi is being called the ‘Benjamin Franklin’ of India as he spurs a cultural revolution and encourages citizens to take a hard look at their unhealthy habits. We suggest taking a cue from Modi and joining in the global yoga movement this weekend. And be sure to share your plans for Yoga Day in the comments!