It’s true. Beauty Editors get to try a lot of products. While this enables us to experience what’s new in the exponentially growing world of beauty, and learn—first-hand—what works and what doesn’t, the bad news is that all this experimentation can wreak havoc with our skin’s moisture barriers (a protective coating that gets stripped away by too much cleansing and exfoliating).

Martha's Skincare Cabinet

After decades of trial and error with my own complexion (which may be responsible for the rosacea I’ve had since my 30s) I’ve concocted a skincare routine for my dry, sensitive skin that does a pretty good job of fighting the doom-and-gloom signs of aging while leaving my well-earned lines of experience intact. I also go in for wrinkle-relaxing Dysport (forehead) and Botox (above brow and around the eyes) injections about once a year and laser treatments every 2 or 3 years. I want to share my favorite products because they have become friends and allies in my pursuit of smooth, even-toned skin.

I also want to help you devise your own skincare regimen—one that’s best for your particular set of concerns and genes—so I consulted 3 experts, LivingHealthy’s Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD, a dermatologist in New York, Shannon Humphrey, MD, who practices dermatology in Vancouver, and facialist Alexandra Wagner, who has an aesthetics practice in Venice, California. Here’s our advice on what you need to stock your own skincare cabinet: