Trust your gut. If it’s not happy, something is probably wrong and can quickly run your tummy to the ground, or bathroom. Our digestive systems arguably need the most love, and this can be achieved by eating right. Try as you might though, it’s not easy keeping it clean and healthy.

Deciding the best diets for your gut can be taxing. But there are a few places where you can find some of the most delicious and healthy recipes. Here are some Instagram accounts you can follow for a better picture on how to eat right.


This Instagram account is run by the ever so vibrant Joana Nobre Silva from Portugal. At first glance you’re taken aback by how beautiful the food looks, which is a result of Joana’s graphic design background. What’s more, she’s all about food that is free of artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives. What you need to look out for the most is her breakfast cups, consisting of layered grains, fruits and seeds. According to Silva, her diet helped her control her insomnia and anxiety, which has made her healthier, happier and fuller.


The most nutritious delicious food on the planet ๐ŸŒ well grown fruit #REALFOOD

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Sometimes you need a healthy mix of recipe ideas. @thewellnecessities is exactly that, providing a range of dishes that also satisfy our many cravings for desserts and juices. It’s run by Lisa Hayim who’s a nutritionist extraordinaire. Her dishes are geared towards vegetarians, and are presented in a simple but still deliciously inviting style.



If you’re looking for an Instagram account where you can find farmer’s market recipes and delicious green smoothies, dietician Mckel Hill’s @nutritionstripped is your go to place. What makes it such an ideal place for anyone searching for healthy recipes is that it also provides seasonal recipes as well as the ingredients and their health benefits. Mckel really uses his health background to give a wholesome outlook on food.


Preparing for #cincodemayo in a delicious / healthy way... coming tomorrow to the NS Blog! ๐ŸŒฎ (snapchat: mckelhill)

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For vegans looking for a variety of dishes that will keep them healthy and satisfied, @veggieful is where it’s at. It’s run by Madison and Jerome Partland, a couple from Australia, and is an offshoot of their blog. Their recipes are beautifully crafted, using plenty of creativity such as their apple-cinnamon pancakes that sport a heart shaped apple slice. The couple not only promote healthy eating, but a lifestyle of enjoying cooking.