If you've ever tried to squeeze in a workout during a lunch break, you might've felt super-rushed when you had to factor in the time it takes to change into your active gear—then back into your day clothes. A promising solution? 'Sports jeans,' a leggings-style design that looks like denim skinny jeans but stretchy enough for exercise.

As a writer from 'The Guardian' shares in her firsthand trial of this new trend during a yoga class, the jeans were an overall success. Other than being a bit tight around the knees during some of the lunging poses and a bit restricting during the bridge pose, “They’re definitely an improvement from wearing actual jeans to exercise in and they still look jean-like enough to pass on the street,” says author Lauren Cochrane.

The benefit of these jeans is that they’ll save you a handful of minutes from having to change before your workout class. Have you heard of sports jeans or found similar workout styles that function in both the office and the gym?



The Guardian: Sports Jeans: Can You Really Exercise in Them?