When you encounter someone who’s a little too courteous—whether it’s the overboard of compliments or going above and beyond to help you—it’s natural to be skeptical… and then feel guilty. Why should we be so suspicious of someone who’s being ‘too polite’? Are we really that jaded? One study suggests we have every right to be suspect when someone shows extreme kindness. Researchers believe that beneath an excessively polite exterior could be a calculating backstabber. To test this theory, participants played the game ‘Diplomacy,’ which requires strategic negotiating to win. The nicest players were more likely to betray their opponents. That said, it seems that being nice to someone as part of an ulterior agenda is going to get sniffed out pretty fast. Instead, being genuine may be more appreciated even if that means being more straightforward. What types of behavior do you consider to be ‘too nice’? Share them in the comments!