As much as we’d like to think that a poor week of sleep could be remedied by a weekend of sleeping in, it’s not that simple. According to Harvard Medical School professors, making up for lost sleep on the weekends doesn’t work simply because we aren’t wired to want to sleep for 20 hours straight. They cite a sleep study that required participants to stay in bed for 14 hours a day; after a few days, their sleep time gradually plateaued at 8.4 hours, which explains why eight hours is the standard sleep recommendation. So, what’s to be done if we have a horrible night (or week) of sleep? For starters, research shows that a 20-minute nap can equal an extra hour of nighttime sleep. If your sleep issues are on going, get checked for sleep apnea, restrict caffeine late in the day and exercise regularly. What are some ways you keep to a consistent sleep schedule? Sound off in the comments!