Next time you’re bombarded with a week of meetings, deadlines and social obligations, try this experiment: Instead of saying that you ‘have to’ do such and such, say ‘I get to.’ According to psychologist Kelly McGonigal, author of ‘The Upside of Stress,’ stress is all in your outlook, and science can back it up. For example, a 2011 study of 30,000 Americans found that stress led to a 43 percent increase in death—but only among those who already perceived stress as negatively influencing their health. Another study found that when hotel housekeepers viewed their work as exercise rather than strenuous labor, their physical health improved. Plus, living completely stress-free lives may not bolster happiness; as yet another study suggests that a lack of stress leads to depression. When it comes to stress, do you believe in mind over matter? What are some ways you constructively manage stress? Tell us in the comments below.