Little did we realize that when a waiter takes our drink orders before dinner, it’s actually quite strategic. According to a recent study linking alcohol to eating more, restaurants have long been privy to this secret. The study found that alcohol causes the hypothalamus—an area of the brain that controls hunger—to become much more focused on food aromas over other aromas. However, the findings don’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution. While the majority of participants (two-thirds) did eat more after consuming alcohol, researchers note that some consumed just a small amount more while others actually ate less. So what’s the takeaway? Be in-tune to which side you fall on, and if you’re in the ‘consume more’ category, try to divert that hunger towards a salad or vegetable appetizer instead of the breadbasket. Do you notice yourself eating more when you've had a before-dinner drink? Tell us in the comments!