This will make you question whether you’re truly ‘young’ at heart—regardless of how lively you feel. According to a recent study, an estimated 69 million Americans’ hearts are older than their chronological ages.

A recent study found that men had a heart age of 7.8 years older, on average, while women’s were 5.4 years older. “Too many U.S. adults have a heart age years older than their real age, increasing their risk of heart disease and stroke,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said. “Everybody deserves to be young — or at least not old — at heart.”

How do you determine how many years your ticker has clocked? It starts by evaluating your ‘risk profile,’ which takes into account whether you smoke and have diabetes as well as your blood pressure and body mass index. Curious about your heart’s age? Check out the heart calculator.

And regardless of what the outcome is, get proactive by working toward a healthy weight, not smoking and maintaining your blood pressure. What are some ways you keep your heart spry and healthy?



ABC News Radio: New Heart 'Calculator' Lets You Find Out How Old Your Heart Really Is