While it looks reminiscent of a football helmet circa 1922, the Neuroelectrics cloth cap is being hailed as the ‘Fitbit for the brain.’ The device is said to have the ability to identify and treat depression and strokes by sending a low electrical current to the area of the brain requiring treatment while the patient undergoes rehabilitation exercises. This is ‘artificially helping the brain get more excited and more dynamic,’ says the creator of the cap.

While the cap’s price tag is a hefty one (about $11,000 a pop), the company is hoping to roll out a rental service in the near future. If the cloth cap sounds like it could be beneficial to your well being, there is good news—The U.S. has begun to express interest in the device, especially for army veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Considering that the Neuroelectrics team believes the cap may lessen a need for anti-depressant drugs, it could be worth exploring. Would you be willing to try it?



The Guardian: The Cloth Cap That Could Help Treat Depression