When Jessica Alba is giving you a makeover and tells you Truly Thrilling (a soft, peachy pink) is the perfect color for your cheeks, you buy it. The actress-mogul is one step closer to world domination as her Honest brand branches into skincare and makeup. On September 25th, Honest Beauty opened a six-month pop-up shop at The Grove in Los Angeles where you can test out and buy the new products or get a makeover (maybe even by Alba). LivingHealthy caught up with Alba as she buffed our face with her Crème Blush (like a pro, she even sanitized the testers after our makeover). 

LivingHealthy: How do you make makeup honest? Isn’t mascara or lipstick inherently deceiving?

Jessica Alba: Girls honestly want to look amazing and they shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting that. For me, I’ve been playing dress-up for over 20 years and makeup has been a huge part of my life. Whatever my game face is for the day, it affects my mood, it affects how I interact with people. I want to look a certain way when I look in the mirror and I love how this beauty line makes me feel.

LH: Were you really involved in the testing and creation of all these products? 

Alba: Oh yeah! Formulating with the chemists, giving the benchmarks of what I want the payoff to be, the colors to be, the colors that I wanted, then working with really amazing makeup artists to come up with the color range and textures—because they’re in the business and they can think of everything. So you want the top of the top to tell you, “This is why we like this, this is why we think this…”

LH: How did your skin hold up to all that testing?

Alba: I’ve had a few rashes and breakouts and I was like, “Whaaa, we should not have this product.  This formula’s crazy!” You go through a lot of trial and error.

LH: Which of the skincare products do you use now?

Alba: Oh, I use all of them. When I’m in a more humid climate, I’ll use the Oil Free. When I’m in a drier climate, I’ll use the Younger and here [in Los Angeles] now, I’ll use the Even Brighter.

LH: So what does honest beauty mean to you?

Alba: Honest Beauty is really a modern, fresh and cool makeup, skincare and beauty brand that represents and celebrates diversity. We’re not trying to cover up who you are—we want to enhance who you are.

LH: Do Botox, fillers, anti-aging procedures or plastic surgery fit into this idea of honest beauty?

Alba: I think yes to all of it. Whatever makes you feel good. I think it’s all about not being judgmental—celebrating women, in every way that she wants to grow and look.

LH: Have you ever tried Botox or injectables? Would you ever?

Alba: No. I mean, will I ever? Maybe. But now I don't feel like I need to. But sure, if I feel like I need to, absolutely, why not? I think we shouldn’t be judgmental of what women want to do to look their best. I go to this woman named Shani Darden. She’s a facialist—she does all these crazy lights on me and she does all these peels and I love it. I always feel great when I leave her.

LH: Well, your skin looks amazing. There’s a product in the line called Magic Balm. What’s the story behind that? 

Alba: It really is magic. I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, down my nose, on my lips, on my cuticles. It’s made from a blend of oils.

LH: So no petroleum?

Alba: No petroleum. I’m allergic—I’d break out in a rash!

LH: Lastly, what does Living healthy mean to you?

Alba: Living healthy means living balanced. I think one extreme or the other or living out of balance is not healthy. I think having balance is healthy.