Jessica Biel is a woman who has everything: a huge Hollywood career, the ultimate husband in Justin Timberlake, a new baby boy named Silas and one of the most famous physiques in the world. So it may seem surprising that until she became pregnant, the 33-year-old actress admits she knew next to nothing about what was going on inside her own body.


She had the same questions many women share: Does taking the pill make it harder to get pregnant? What’s really happening when a girl gets her first period? This month, she’s teaming up with Saundra Pelletier, head of the organization WomenCare Global, which focuses on reproductive health. The result is a series of funny yet informative videos they hope will function like a wise, empathetic, physiologically savvy best friend. Check them out at WomanCare Global

What questions do you have about your body or that of a woman close to you? Do you find the ‘down-and-dirty’ stuff hard to talk about?



ABC News Radio: Jessica Biel Launching Video Series for Women