You don’t have to be a celebrity to afford Juliette Lewis’ beauty, health and wellness regiment. While other stars are slathering on $500 face creams and spending thousands of dollars a month to maintain their looks, simple, organic and pocket-friendly are the best words to describe the 41-year-old’s looking-good mantra. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Secrets and Lies star relies mainly on natural and organic skincare and beauty products like Jason shampoo and Alba Botanica body lotion and uses organic coconut oil for everything from cooking and eating to a face, body and hair moisturizer. When it comes to staying fit, Lewis enjoys running and Barry’s Bootcamp classes and maintains a clean diet of protein and vegetables, takes supplements and is a fan of Pressed Juicery juices. If you are looking for some realistic and affordable health inspiration, then take a cue from Juliette!


The New York Times: Juliette Lewis’s Beauty Secrets (A Lot of Coconut Oil and Then Some)