Kim Anami can lift a surfboard, donuts, weights and medicine balls with her vagina…can you? The intimacy coach, who first introduced the topic of “vaginal kung fu” to LivingHealthy readers in 2015, demonstrated some next level pubococcygeus  (PC) muscle strength during a recent photo shoot in Venice Beach, dangling a huge surfboard between her legs.

The seasoned sexpert, who hosts sex retreats in different locations around the world, believes that vaginal weightlifting can empower women, cure depression, and even replace botox, has a very unique technique for strengthening her female genitalia: she ties a thin piece of string to a jade egg, which she inserts into her vagina, attaching the other side of the string to whatever object she wants to lift. 

And according to Anami, vaginal weightlifting will do wonders for your sex life, as it “strengthens the pelvic floor and vagina far more effectively than regular Kegels—without resistance—and gives women sexual confidence and power. Having a strong pelvic floor and vagina very quickly increases orgasmic potential, libido lubrication and sexual pleasure for both partners.” 

If this surfboard isn’t impressive enough for you, check out more photos of Kim lifting objects with her vagina on her Instagram account (@kimanami).