There’s something about shimmering bronze legs that are irresistible to almost all of us. And now there’s a way to get them—for real. Kim Kardashian and Amal Clooney (remember her amazing wedding weekend legs?) are showing off shimmery, contoured limbs thanks to the London-based makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body Slimmer Shimmer. Kim K calls it “legendary,” but just how effective is the $65 body makeup?

“I call this Gisele-in-a-jar! It gives you those incredible gorgeous, glossy celebrity limbs so you can literally cheat your way to a supermodel body,” says Tilbury, whose client list includes Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna.Simply apply this slimmer shimmer cream on the legs, arms and décolletage then blend in with your fingers for glowing skin and a streamlined silhouette.”

Applied with a cooling-metal massager, the product is derived out of FermiProtect (a wild shiitake extract), a precious-metal highlighter mix, caffeine, menthol, organic aloe vera and Allantoin and promises to not only work as body makeup, but also to firm and smooth contours of body as well. Jessica Wu, MD, a Los Angeles dermatologist, examined the ingredient list for LivingHealthy and came to the conclusion that Supermodel Body, for the most part, lives up to the hype.

“The shimmer reflects light and is the main benefit. However, the product does have some features that could have therapeutic value,” Wu, whose client list includes Katherine Heigl, Maria Bello, and Kimora Lee Simons, explains to LivingHealthy. “The metal massager cools the skin, which shrinks tissues and reduces puffiness. Caffeine has been shown to inhibit fat accumulation in fat cells. These could both help reduce ripples from cellulite.” 

We say, give the shimmer a shot!


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